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As another step towards full inclusivity at the University, we would like to encourage people to include their gender pronoun on their e-mail signature and Zoom screen. Listing pronouns helps remove another barrier for our non-binary and trans communities, which is why it's important that people include their pronouns on their profiles as well.

When people include their pronouns in their email signatures or Zoom screen, it helps normalise the practice and is an easy way to prevent misgendering. It also helps demonstrate the point that whether someone is cis or trans, their pronouns should never be assumed.

How to set your email signature in Microsoft Outlook

For step-by-step instructions on how to create and add an email signature in Outlook, visit:

How to Update your Pronouns in Zoom and Teams

guide on how to update your pronouns

Pronouns on Zoom and Teams

W‌hilst we encourage people to display their pronouns, there is no obligaiton to do so.  People may have different reasons for this.  If you do not wish to display them an alternative could be to add to your signature: 

Name (ask about my pronouns) or Name (prounouns: ask me).  This still demonstrates inclusivity.


Pronouns on Identity cards

Whilst we don't print pronouns or titles on id cards, many people are choosing to put theirs on the reverse of their badge holder - another way we can show full inclusivity.

T‌he pronouns landscape is fast evolving with the non-binary community using a varierty of different pronouns, the table below shows just a few:

table of more common pronouns