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What is mediation?

Mediation is a constructive and common sense approach which produces realistic and practical solutions. It aims to offer a safe environment where people can talk through any issues or concerns they have with a trained mediator.  Mediators explore the issues individuals present, with a view to bringing those in conflict together to jointly agree how they might resolve their differences and move forward.

Mediation is:

  • Confidential: No personal records are kept and participants and mediators both agree not to discuss what takes place during sessions with anyone else without prior consent;
  • Voluntary: It’s your choice if you wish to take part in mediation;
  • Facilitated: The process is facilitated by an independent trained mediator or a pair of trained mediators;
  • Informal: Taking part in mediation will not affect your right to raise a formal complaint if you wish to do so;
  • Impartial: Mediators do not take sides, make decisions or recommendations; the power to make decisions is with the individuals involved.

Mediation can reduce tension, anger and misunderstandings and can help in a variety of conflict situations between:

  • two colleagues in the workplace;
  • staff and managers;
  • students and tutors;
  • students in Halls and
  • perceptions of harassment, discrimination or bullying.