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Flexibility and Managing Careers

  • Allowance for ‘research time’ where a woman returning from maternity leave is excused from teaching for 6 months to allow them to get their research career back on track.
    • Effective in the School of Chemistry, CEAS, under-development in other Schools
    • This provision was extended in School of Psychological Sciences to also cover those returning from long-term sick
  • Increase knowledge about KIT Days, childcare vouchers, University Peer Support Group for those Returning from Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave
  • New Peer Support group for Researchers who are returning from maternity leave (Researcher Parent Peer Support Group)
  • Support for a ‘freeze and extend’ approach to those going on maternity leave who are on fixed-term contracts
  • Maternity cover in place to support
  • Flexible Working and Part-time working
  • Consideration and, if appropriate, changes to timings of meetings
    • Decision-making meetings should be held between 10:00-15:00 to allow for those with caring responsibilities to attend
    • Days for meetings should be rotated to allow those working part-time/flexibly to attend
    • Opportunity to submit agenda items
    • Meetings planned in advance (start of semester) to allow sufficient time to make any necessary arrangements so individuals are able to attend if they wish to
    • Alternative arragements to contribute for those unable to attend
  • Tackling the long-hours culture