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Career Development



  • Manchester Gold for students and staff
  • Micro-mentoring, 1-1 Coaching, CV review
  • Mentor for each member of staff with regular meetings (recommended at least every quarter) and a named School Senior Mentor
  • Annual Personal and Development Review completed for all staff (academic, research and PSS) so everyone has the chance to discuss career aspirations and create a personal career development plan


  • Promotion advisors
    • Buddy-up scheme – matching individuals who have recently been through the promotion process with individuals looking to apply – effective in School of Computer Science 
    • Feedback on recruitment/promotion cases available to both successful and unsuccessful candidates
    • School of Chemistry established (2013) an academy to support research leaders as their research groups grow and resource increases. 
    • Senior academic as research staff champion
      • School of Computer Science – Professor Ross King
      • School of CEAS – Professor Ferda Mavituna
    • Encouragement to attend Faculty and School-level Academic Promotions Masterclasses/Workshops – well advertised (notice boards, email, School newsletter), positive action statements. Include guidance for promotions open to research staff