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Good Practice at The University of Manchester - A Gender Equality Toolkit

The Gender Equality Toolkit is an accessible summary that provides guidance on how to use resources to improve the recruitment, retention and progression of women. The Toolkit currently covers a range of topics with supporting evidence for each where the approach has been adopted and impact has been seen. Please use this Toolkit as a starting point for a discussion for your School, rather than as a checklist.


Good Practice

Sharing good practice across our Schools and Faculties is the best way we can develop and progress as individuals, and as an institution. Clear evidence, success stories and corroborated impact provided in this booklet highlights the ways by which we support academic and PSS careers and offers us the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the University of Manchester’s staff .

The Athena SWAN process encourages us to self-assess where we are at and give an honest and fair assessment of what we do well and where improvement needs to be made. This booklet is aimed as a resource to support and assist our Schools as we raise awareness of the importance of a gender equal culture and tackle the issues faced.

Agile work cultures appeal to all staff, regardless of gender – leading to increased diversity, more opportunities and helps to retain our talented leaders. Working flexibly in a demanding and interesting role is essential not only to those with caring responsibilities but to everyone so they can enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

Creating an inclusive environment is complex and there are numerous challenges as diverse employees work together. A real cultural change therefore takes time and is much more than hiring and/or promoting a few more women. Monitoring, alongside targeted action, and support at every level will lead to greater diversity and a more engaged and productive workforce.

At the University of Manchester we value everyone and we recognise each person makes a significant contribution with their unique and individual talents. A greater mix of people offers a greater mix of skills, perspectives and ideas. Staff are supported in many different ways including mentoring, coaching, and ‘buddying’ systems, and all are encouraged to engage with Staff Learning and Development to help broaden experience, visibility and influence.

If you know of good practice that takes place and it not mentioned here please let us know – this guide is a live resource which will be regularly reviewed and updated. Please send suggestions to Dr Sarah Mohammad-Qureshi, University Charter Marks Coordinator.