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Frequently Asked Questions

The following list answers questions about procedures in the Department.  If you have questions which you think should be added, please let Lynne know.

How to Book a Meeting Room

Everyone in the department can now request room bookings in the Williamson Building for non-teaching activities (e.g. meetings).


To do this:

  • Go to
  • Log in using your usual credentials.
  • Select ‘FSE Meeting Rooms’ and then ‘FSE Meeting Rooms: EES’.
  • Select a room to see its availability and click at the time you want. Or choose a date and time to see which rooms are available and select one.
  • Enter details and tick the box at the bottom.
  • You will receive email confirmation once the booking is approved.


You can also see what rooms are available elsewhere on campus and request them.

How to reactivate a supplier on iProc

Suppliers who are not regularly used get deactivated on iProc.  To get them reactivated you need to download a form here and send it to  For more information, read here.