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Viewpoint is a blog for colleagues to discuss and debate topics to do with both our University and higher education.

The Senior Leadership Team, Professional Services Leadership Team and Faculty Leadership Teams from the University will regularly share posts on Viewpoint. The focus of each post will vary, but one thing each will have in common is that they will be conversation starters.

The first post is from Patrick Hackett, Registrar, Secretary and Chief Operating Officer and is about our University’s values.

You’re invited to get involved in these discussions by commenting on posts – blog authors will be available to respond and engage with your comments. 

How do I access Viewpoint?

You can access Viewpoint by clicking the link on the StaffNet homepage or by visiting the blog site. Click on the blog post you would like to read and get commenting!

How do I submit a comment?

At the end of each post there will be an option to leave a comment. Make sure you check back to keep involved in the conversation.

Discussion and debate is welcomed and we want to make sure everyone feels able to contribute. All comments will therefore be moderated before being published.

How will I find out about new posts?

We will promote new posts via StaffNet News and eUpdate. 

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