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Staff communications

Good internal communications plays an essential part in making our staff feel involved, engaged and valued.

We can help you ensure that all our employees are well informed about matters affecting them and can feed back on the way the University is run.

We can offer a range of ways for keeping in touch with staff across the University, including print (The University of Manchester Magazine, Staff Update), digital (StaffNet News and eUpdate), social media (StaffNet Twitter), and face-to-face combined with video (CoreMunicate). We can also advise you on sending messages to members of the University's senior management via email lists, and advertising events etc on the University's digital signage network and on the 147 Oxford Road Link bus service.

You can also access the   which features an introduction to communications planning, a guide to creating an effective communications plan, a communications template and much more. 

If you'd like additional support with your staff communications, please contact the or the relevant Faculty Internal Communications Manager: