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What is the Campus Management Group?

Campus Management Group (CMG) 2021/22

The Campus Management Group evolved from the Campus Reopening and Corporate Support Group to oversee the safe reopening and operation of the University campus and to be the strategic lead for outbreak management. 

Terms of Reference

  1. Ongoing monitoring of Government and local authority restrictions – ensuring dynamic response to any changes in guidance or policy.
  2. Monitoring of Health & Safety; production of Policy & procedures, where necessary across all the University’s estate and activities.
  3. Procurement; Establish COVID-19 purchasing, funding & distribution policy.
  4. Maintain ongoing communication of key messages and any new policy/processes.
  5. Research; New & Developing protocols & Risk Assessments.
  6. T&L; New & developing protocols & Risk Assessments, link with E&F to ensure capacity for all necessary activity.
  7. ITS; Identify areas of risk and work with other boards and groups to ensure provision of resource.
  8. Residences; ensure, for all responses, that appropriate student engagement and lines of managerial authority are in place.
  9. Liaise with Faculty, Residences, Library and Cultural Institutions to ensure alignment with scenario planning.
  10. Ensure alignment with TLSE activity and communications.
  11. Share best practice regarding the implementation of change across Faculties, Directorates and other organisational unit.
  12. Information sharing and operational recommendations from group members on challenges and milestones within faculties, Directorates and other organisational units.
  13. Outbreak planning: acting as the strategic control for outbreak planning, monitoring, control and post-outbreak review, including recommendations from the Outbreak Planning Team.


  • Chair: Nalin Thakkar, Vice-President for Social Responsibility
  • Deputy: Diana Hampson, Director of Estates and Facilities
  • Project Manager: Jane Pinder    
  • Judy Williams, Associate Vice-President for Teaching and Learning
  • Melissa Westwood, Associate Vice-President for Research
  • Ben Ward, University of Manchester Students’ Union
  • Academic Faculty Representatives: Chris Hardacre (FSE), Martin Evans (HUMS), Tony Heagerty (FBMH)
  • PS Faculty Representatives: HoFO or deputy and HPCG or deputy -  Dani Murtagh (FSE), Rosie Haynes (HUMS), Sharon Grant (FBMH) to be invites
  • Arpana Verma, Head of Division, Division of Population Health, Health Services Research & Primary Care
  • David Barker, Director of Compliance and Risk
  • Angus Hearmon, Director of IT Services
  • Karen Heaton, Director of Human Resources
  • Simon Merrywest, Director for Student Experience
  • Vicky Ackerley, Director of Sport & Residential Services
  • Katy Woolfenden, Associate Director, UoM Libraries
  • Marianne Webb, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
  • Patrick Seechurn, Head of Safety Services
  • April Lockyer, Head of Research Governance, Ethics and Integrity
  • Peter Connolly, Head of Occupational Health Services
  • Additional membership based on recommendations by the Outbreak Planning Team


  • CMG will work with the wider membership to handle, disseminate and cascade all guidance from Government, local authority and PHE.
  • Members will work to establish new short & medium term policies and procedures to be adhered to for the duration of COVID-19.
  • CMG will work with other groups and to map inter-dependencies and monitor progress.
  • The Group will also work with or establish sub-groups to explore/identify specific areas of need and action.


CMG will continue to operate until normal operations and safety protocols are restored permanently.

The membership and frequency of meetings will be reviewed periodically to ensure the group continues to fulfil its objectives and responsibilities.