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Self-funded projects

Please use this form to advertise a project to attract self-funded applicants.  Primary Supervisors can check any existing projects they have advertised on the projects database.

All submitted projects will be reviewed by the Doctoral Academy before advertising.

As primary supervisor, PIs can submit a maximum of two projects which can be renewed/updated as required.

University policy requires the project supervisory team to include:

  • the primary supervisor
  • a minimum of one co-supervisor.

Co-supervision may not be appropriate for some computational or theoretical projects. Such cases will be signed off at the discretion of the School PGR Director.

Primary supervisors without their own grant funding must ensure that at least one of the co-supervisors has such support. This co-supervisor should formally agree to:

  • provide at least 20% of the supervision
  • be involved in the student recruitment process.

See Faculty guidance on our support for Early Career Researchers, who can submit a self-funded project and be listed as Primary Supervisor for the purpose of the advert.


PGR Supervisors Toolkit

The PGR Supervisor Toolkit has been developed by Manchester Doctoral Strategy Group (MDCSG) in consultation with colleagues across all three Faculties.  The University recognises the wide ranging, demanding and complex set of roles involved in postgraduate research supervision and is committed to supporting supervisors in their role.  As such, the toolkit is a resource for supervisors/co-supervisors/advisors from all academic areas and all levels of experience.  The toolkit will be reviewed based on feedback from supervisors:


Please contact the Doctoral Academy, if you have any queries.