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Study away

FBMH policy for study away from the University

It is important that the Faculty is informed whenever a student is to undertake fieldwork or spend part of their training away from the University. Study away from the University does not include students whose standard research activity is undertaken at NHS Trust sites or other areas where the Faculty has an established research group.

We have a duty of care to our students throughout the period of registration and it is the University’s responsibility to safeguard, as far as possible, the safety of its students while studying away from the University. This can only be done through appropriate risk assessments to consider the nature and method of the research to be undertaken.  In addition, the University must maintain an accurate record of any periods spent away from the University for insurance and legal purposes.
The University arrangements enable a risk-based approach to the management of study away activities. We acknowledge that many of our students return to their home countries to pursue data collection and therefore have an understanding of any specific cultural issues relating to their research, and also the general risks that may apply in these countries. We are not seeking to reduce or change the current activity but to satisfy ourselves that that the potential risks relating to the research have been identified and appropriately mitigated. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to consider whether the research activity to be undertaken requires a risk assessment.

The Faculty has a special permission form for students to request a period of study away from the University; e.g. to conduct primary, first hand data collection or a laboratory visit to learn new techniques / methods. This form should be used when the student will be away from the University for more than two weeks.

To be in a position to request a period of study away from the University, students and supervisors must have obtained or completed:

  • Local ethical approval and University ethics approval (as appropriate)
  • University insurance assessment form (where University ethics is required)
  • Appropriate risk assessments - for both travel and also the project itself
  • Health needs assessment (for students travelling within the UK/EU) – follow up appointment with Occupational Health may be required
  • Travel Risk Assessment Form (for students travelling outside the UK/EU) – appointment with Occupational Health required
  • Agreed arrangements for contact and supervision during the period of study abroad, including management of any formal eProg milestones that may fall during the period.
  • Agreed work plan between the student, UoM supervisors and any in-country supervisor

Further information

  • University guidance on fieldwork (including guidance on risk assessments)
  • University ethics and insurance – note that where in-country ethics approval is required the University Ethics approval must also be obtained
  • Clinical Trials  - Please note that there are additional considerations when undertaking clinical trials outside the UK. Please review the information in the clinical trials leaflet and consult with the Insurance Office regarding appropriate cover

Split site arrangements

Where students are undertaking a formal split-site programme a further study away from the University form is not required. However, the same expectations are in place for risk assessment, health needs assessment and contact arrangements and details.