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Other funded schemes

If you are successful in securing funding from an external organisation please contact the Doctoral Academy, who will provide you with details of how to recruit a suitable student.

The Academy can also provide data and information to help support your application for funding.

Each year the Faculty does have a limited and competitive discretionary fund for PGR recruitment but does not have any funding for the recruitment of MPhil students. As a result, all MPhil students in the Faculty have self-arranged funding (typically private funds). 

Charity Studentships

A large number of charities and trust funds offer Studentships to support potential research.  Individual charities may have additional criteria relating to the work of the charity itself and sometimes there are other eligibility requirements that must be met.  The funds available can vary from a few hundred to several thousand.  The Charity Studentship Spreadsheet provides a list of current charities, website details, the charity's remit, deadline dates and details outlining the funding available.  The Doctoral Academy will update the list on a regular basis.

PhD Programme with Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

The Doctoral Academy has agreed to fully-funded two PhD studentships, commencing September 2022, in conjunction with the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) in Israel.

The key features of this programme will be:

  • Joint supervision is provided by PIs at both institutions.
  • Student long-term research visits to the partner institution at WIS, lasting between 6 and 24 months.
  • Students register in Manchester and are awarded a University of Manchester PhD; students and supervisors will follow University of Manchester progression milestones.
  • During the visits, the students will be fully integrated into the laboratories of the partner institutions and follow group meetings, seminars and required training workshops.
  • Funding for the programme will be supported in part by the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health in Manchester and WIS; funding will cover tuition fees (UK/EU), student stipend, flight allowances and a limited amount of consumables (while at WIS the stipend covers housing but not consumables).

The proposed projects must deliver added value through two-centre research activities which advance joint research interests with regular communication between collaborating laboratories. PIs, potentially interested need to make personal contact with the likely PI supervisor at WIS to agree on the project. The completed proforma should be returned to the Doctoral Academy by Monday 10 January 2022Approved projects will be advertised on the Faculty website and interviews will be chaired by Christoph Ballestrem.

If you have any queries about the programme, please do not hesitate to contact Tasleem Hanif. PIs can seek guidance regarding potential collaborations from Dr Christoph Ballestrem.

Singapore A*STAR PhD Programme

We are now seeking new collaborative research projects as part of the PhD Programme with A*STAR Institutes, Singapore. 

Following the successful recruitment of over 70 students to date on the programme, project proposals are now being accepted for studentships commencing in September 2022.  The Programme is overseen by Christoph Ballestrem in FBMH and a cross-faculty Steering Group. 

Each Faculty will be responsible for the selection of their projects and students, but with final approval via the Steering Group and/or Academic Board established by A*STAR.  These studentships are badged to the A*STAR Research Attachment Programme (ARAP) of which the University is an official partner – see website.

The studentships are split-site –students spend years 1 and 4 in Manchester to ensure transfer report and thesis submission; years 2 and 3 in Singapore.   Students will register in Manchester, and be awarded a University of Manchester PhD.  Funding for the programme will be supported in part by the Manchester Principal Supervisor’s Department/Faculty and A*STAR and will cover tuition fees (UKRI rate), student stipend, flight allowances and consumable support.  In FBMH, there will be 4 studentships available for 2022/23 entry.  In FSE, the Faculty will support approximately 6 studentships for 2022/23 entry.  Departments in FSE may also choose to support studentships through Department/DTP funding if the project/student is appropriate to both the Research Council and A*STAR. Please discuss funding with your Head of Department.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals that were awarded an A*STAR studentship as Primary Supervisor in the last round (i.e. have a student starting in September 2021) cannot apply to the scheme as Primary Supervisor this year. 
  • Projects must deliver added value through two-centre research activities which advance joint research interests with regular communication between collaborating laboratories.   A full list of institutes can be found on the A*STAR website which spans the biomedical and science and engineering research areas.

IMPORTANT: For recruitment, in this round, A*STAR has provided a list of ARAP supervisors to support potential collaborations.  Further details can be found on the ARAP website (under the tab “Research Tabs”).

Once projects are confirmed, please complete and return the A*STAR Project Proposal Form no later than Friday 21 January 2022, 5 pm.   Following submission, projects will follow the approvals process as outlined below.   Approved projects will be advertised on the dedicated UoM-A*STAR website and locally on Faculty/Department websites as well as  Interviews will take place in April 2022, further information regarding the application/interview process will be circulated at a later date.

PIs can seek guidance regarding potential collaborations from successful PIs from recent cohorts. If you have any specific questions about the administration of the ARAP scheme, student eligibility etc, please contact Amanda Mathews in the FBMH Doctoral Academy office. 

Further information including criteria, project approval, timeframe, project proposal form, student quality and shortlisting can be found below. Slides from the briefing session are also included.

Documents to download

2022 A*STAR Studentship Call - Criteria and Approval Process

2022 A*STAR PhD Programme Project Proposal Form

2022 A*STAR Research Collaboration Interest Form

2022 A*STAR Briefing slides