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Advertising studentships

If you are successful in securing funding from an external organisation the Doctoral Academy can assist you in the advertising and selection of a PGR.

Once you have funding confirmed, please complete this proforma and return to the Doctoral Academy, Recruitment and Admissions team.

The studentship will be advertised on the Faculty website and on FindAPhD. Applications will then be managed by the Doctoral Academy Recruitment and Admissions team who will liaise with you regarding interview and offer processes.  

Recruitment Process

  • The project will be advertised on FindAPhD with an appropriate deadline. 
  • As applications are submitted eligibility will be checked and if this is met, these applications will be circulated to the supervisory team through the new PGR Admissions System (PGRA) via My Manchester.
  • Supervisor(s) will receive an email notification indicating that an application has been circulated to them.
  • Following the deadline, all remaining applications will be processed and you will receive an email confirming the list of candidates that have applied for your project.
  • Once you have decided on the candidates you would like to interview you should organise the interviews with the panel members and inform the admissions administrator when this will take place.
  • You must inform the admission administrator of any candidates you decide not to invite to interview as an email communication will be sent to these candidates informing them of the outcome.
  • You may prefer a PG Tutor to be present when you are interviewing candidates from a shortlist, or you may be happy for the PG Tutor to interview your final candidate independently. If you decide that applications will be open to international applicants then a PG Tutor must be present at the interview.
  • Following the interview, the PG tutor will complete the evaluation stage in the PGRA for the appointed candidate.
  • You will need to inform candidates that are unsuccessful following the interview.
  • You will receive an email notification once the PG Tutor has completed the interview stage to complete the Admissions Proforma.  You should log in to the PGRA and select the FBMH Admissions Proforma hyperlink.
  • Following the completion of the admissions proforma, the admissions administrator will arrange for the final offer to be approved by the relevant Senior PG Tutor for that Division.
  • A formal offer letter will then be issued by the admissions administrator.

Depending on the type of studentship being offered a formal Contract agreement may need to be put in place before the start date of the studentship.  

International fee scholarships  

Since 2021, applicants from the EU will no longer fall in the ‘Home’ fee tuition fee category, and, thus, will be classed as Overseas.  To ensure we can continue to recruit high-quality PGRs from outside of the UK (not just the EU), the Faculty has agreed an internal process to allow us to offer studentships to non-UK applicants through a limited number of internal scholarships, where the funder permits the recruitment of overseas candidates, but can only support the home level tuition fee.  This process will only be applied where we are confident that the recruitment of exceptional quality candidates from outside of the UK would not have otherwise been possible, nor would the applicant or funder have paid the full overseas tuition fee.  

Project supervisors will need to demonstrate if required that a rigorous process was followed to recruit a student for these kinds of ad-hoc/standalone funded studentship (i.e. through charities, industry or donors).  As always, a PGR Tutor must be present at interviews to ensure an independent assessment has taken place to oversee the recruitment of a quality candidate.  Please note that, the Doctoral Academy must be informed if an international candidate is selected before making an informal offer/promise to ensure that the subsequent admissions process is followed and to ensure the availability of a scholarship.