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Leadership in Education Awards Programme (LEAP)

The Leadership in Education Awards Programme (LEAP) supports you in documenting and evidencing your teaching excellence, and is an opportunity for you to receive a formal, national qualification for your teaching.

The programme is accredited by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and can award Associate, Fellowship, Senior and Principal HEA Fellowships.

If you join LEAP you'll be assigned a mentor and a peer support group and will also have access to a range of online resources and optional support workshops.

The LEAP timeline: From interest to award

From initial interest to final assessment, here's what you can expect with LEAP:

1. Find out more before you apply

2. Apply for a place on LEAP

3. Allocation of place on the programme or on the waiting list - by email

4. Book and attend workshops

5. Allocation of peer support groups and mentors - by email

5. Book and attend Faculty-led drop-in sessions - by email

6. Submit application for HEA Fellowship through LEAP - by email

7. Assessment of application - by email

Which LEAP pathway is for you?

LEAP is divided into four pathways to provide you with the most effective support for the level of fellowship for which you are applying:

LEAP to Associate Fellow Pathway (AFHEA)
  • for those new to teaching, support staff or those who support teaching and learning as a relatively minor of their role.
LEAP to Fellow Pathway (FHEA)
  • for those with a more substantive teaching and learning support role.
LEAP to Senior Fellow Pathway (SFHEA)
  • for those with a significant teaching leadership role and who have had an influence on professional practice beyond their own teaching.
LEAP to Principal Fellow Pathway (PFHEA)
  • for those who able to demonstrate impact at a strategic level (institutional, national or international context) and a wider commitment to academic practice and leadership in teaching and learning.

Find out more about the LEAP

Information sessions are run twice per academic year and can help you determine which LEAP pathway is right for you.

  • To book a place on the next session, please visit the training catalogue.
  • If you are unable to attend a session, a podcast is available.

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For more information about the Leadership in Education Awards Programme please contact the LEAP Administrator


tel 0161 275 7565