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Volunteers with COPD needed to test a smartphone app


Ethics ref:  2017-2941-4477


We are looking for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or those caring for them, to take

part in a study. The aim of this study is to test a mobile app which we have developed with and for people with

COPD. We need people to help us test it to find out if it is easy to use and if there are any problems with the app.

You can take part if you have COPD, or you know someone with COPD. It will be very useful to hear your thoughts

about our app, whether you think it is easy to use and useful, or not. This will help us find any problems with the app

before we test it in a larger study.


There are two phases to this study. If you decide to take part, you can take part in either Phase 1 or 2, or both

(whichever you prefer). Phase 1 takes place at the University, and involves using the app in the presence of a

researcher and telling us your thoughts about it. Phase 2 involves using the app at home for four weeks, and then

telling us what you thought of it in another survey.


You do not have to be an experienced smartphone or computer user in order to take part (in fact it will be very

useful to hear the opinion of people who don’t usually use technology). You will need to bring your own smartphone,

tablet or laptop along. Reasonable travel costs (standard class fare) will be refunded or transport will be provided.


The app can be found at:


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