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The Manchester Induction

Induction is a process not an event, focusing on points of transition in the student life-cycle from application to graduation. 

The University has developed The Manchester Induction to guide those responsible for implementing student induction and supporting students as they encounter the various transition points in their programme of study and/or life at the University of Manchester.

The Manchester Induction Framework identifies a successfully inducted student as:

  • Ready to arrive or return to Manchester
  • Welcomed
  • Acclimatized and ‘found their feet’
  • Settled in and prepared for the journey ahead
  • Part of our community


Key Transitions in the Induction Lifecycle

In the delivery of the induction framework, Schools, Faculties and Services can design their induction offering towards developing these outcomes. Each outcome will be attained at different points in the student lifecycle.

Examples of the key transitional points identified by students studying at The University of Manchester are

For further information, please consult the 'Key Transitions During the Student Lifecycle' document on staffnet.

Induction Toolkit

The Induction Toolkit supports The University of Manchester Induction and Transitional Support Framework; the phrase ‘induction’ here includes all activities aimed at introducing a student to the University, from Welcome Week, through to the information you might wish to convey to students throughout their life at the University.

The toolkit has been divided into three sections, comprising the transitional stages in the student lifecycle:

Pre-arrival and return

Welcome Week

Settling in and preparing for the journey ahead.

The pages comprise useful information and links to relevant areas, and have been organised into the following sections: