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Mandatory training

Essential training

This section provides quick access to any essential training courses delivered either in the classroom or online. This training is either required of all staff or staff carrying out specific duties.


Online and classroom training

Information handling

  • TBF22: Data protection
    This course is mandatory for all staff with an active IT account. The course provides staff with an understanding of the Data Protect Act, the principles that underpin it and the responsibilities that staff have to ensure that any personal data is handled in accordance with the law.

  • Information handling tool
    This enabling tool is intended as a resource for all staff who handle information at the University whether in digital or paper format. The tool will help you determine the best means for sharing, storing or deleting/destroying information.

  • TMS84: Protecting Information for staff

Information is vital to us in our work at the University.  Whether we work in administrative, teaching, research or income-generating roles, we are all responsible for protecting the information that we use in our work. This introductory level online course, comprises 7 units plus a self-audit worksheet.

Health and safety

Please check with your line manager as training may be mandatory in your area of work for your role.

For further information on non-mandatory health and safety courses, please see the Health and safety area in the Practical skills and knowledge section.

Recruitment, Promotions and PDR

  • CUBIAS17: Unconscious Bias
    Colleagues taking part in an academic promotion committee or a recruitment panel are required to undertake this on-line module. This module will provide colleagues with a greater understanding of unconscious bias and how biases can be formed.
  • Diversity in The Work Place 

    Colleagues taking part in an academic promotion committee or a recruitment panel are required to undertake this on-line module. This module aims to provide colleagues with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with equalities legislation; gain an understanding of the broader issues of equality and diversity; to know their responsibilities and rights as a member of staff at the University.

  • TMS9: Training in equality and diversity issues
    This course is intended for any colleagues that are involved in recruitment at any level and is mandatory. This course will provide staff with a greater understanding of the importance of equality and fairness in the recruitment process and how to implement good practice. This course is also mandatory for those colleagues who are required to take part in an Academic Promotions Committee. 

  • TRS01: Recruiting staff at Manchester to PSS posts
    This course is intended for any staff that are recruiting to PSS posts and is mandatory. The course covers how to recruit effectively, follow University recruitment and selection processes and share good practice.

This training is essential for any manager who conducts Performance and Development Reviews with their team.


For further information about University recruitment policy and procedures, see Recruiting new staff on the HR website.

New Starters

Please follow this link below to find essential reading and documents that you must complete as a new starter at The University of Manchester:

New starters information