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Information and data security

Information and data security

Information used for the University's teaching, learning, research, commercial and administrative activities is an important asset which must be protected from threats which can jeopardise its confidentiality, integrity and availability. Failure to do so may result in significant financial and reputational damage.

Regardless of how information is stored (eg paper, digital etc) it is exposed to a number of threats such as physical theft, identity theft, exposure to computer viruses and malware, theft of confidential or sensitive information to support or expose a political stance, as well as accidental damage and loss.

Information Security and IT Security are concerned with managing the risks to which University data is exposed.

For any further information, please contact Barbara Frost (Information Security Manager) at:


An online Protecting Information course is available through Blackboard. To enroll on the course, please apply using the link to the Training Catalogue below.

TMS84 Protecting information for staff