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PURE research profiles

Profiles for researchers are now hosted in the main University research information system, Pure. This replaces any Faculty systems you may have used in the past.

If you previously had a University research profile this will remain static on the University’s website at until your Pure profile is made live.

You should make your Pure profile live as soon as possible if you have not already done so.

Once you make your Pure profile public it will automatically become the default profile. Any previous profile links (University and FLS/FMHS) will be redirected to your Pure profile.

Your research profile information (as at 27 July), such as biographical and research interests information, was been migrated automatically into your Pure profile. 

Making your Pure profile live

To make your Pure profile public:

After you have set your Pure profile’s visibility to Public your profile page will be available via

Updating your research profile

You should update your research profile directly in Pure from now on. You do not need to maintain profiles via any other University system.

The Pure research profiles are populated directly and automatically in real time by information held in Pure.

Research domains

You should also use your Pure research profile to affiliate to FBMH research domains.

Enhanced Pure profiles launching in Autumn

The current Pure profiles will be updated with improved research profile pages in the autumn.

A significant amount of work in consultation with the Pure Academic Advisory Group has gone into ensuring the new portal reflects the needs of academic researchers at the University.

The enhanced profiles will:

  • give full control over which information (eg activities, publications) is made visible on the new profiles, and to whom;
  • update newly created records or edits to records on profiles in real time;
  • enable both internal and external users to search the breadth of the University’s research;
  • complement the design of the University corporate website;
  • be mobile-responsive, allowing access from a variety of devices;
  • have a more concise personal URL than the interim Pure profile pages.

Support with Pure

Due to the complexities around the migration of platforms and data, should you have any questions or require assistance with updating your profile, please contact the Pure Support Team who are able to assist.